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Welcome to the NEW Virgin Most Powerful podcast webpage. 

We have enjoyed serving you for the last several years.  Thank you all for visiting us.  Changes are coming for the show and the podcasts. 

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God love you,

Terry Barber and Jesse Romero


Jan 31, 2018

There was an echo evident at the beginning of this broadcast... pleas note that it stops after the first 20 minutes.  Thank you for your understanding.  Please tell your friends and remind them to donate -- every widow's mite helps!

Jan 29, 2018

More with Bishop Sheen, the smartest guy in the room -- Terry and Jesse interview Fr. Frank Pavone about the positive events in the pro-life movement and how to help priests bring pro-life information to their parishes.

Jan 27, 2018

Terry and Jesse talked about how to bring men to, or back into the Church.  The guys interviewed former radio host Chris Aubert about today's topic and recent events in his life.

We had technical difficulties during the 1st part of today's show.  Thank you for listening and for your support, financial or...

Jan 25, 2018

THE BISHOPS put out a new document on Exorcism. We are talking about it now.

Gospel Mark 16:15-18 The Great Commission – our marching orders into spiritual & cultural warfare. Jesus spoke these words after his resurrection and before his ascension.

~ Are you ready to hear from the smartest guy in the...