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Welcome to the NEW Terry and Jesse Show podcast webpage. 

We have enjoyed serving you for the last several years.  Thank you all for visiting us.  Changes are coming for the show and the podcasts. 

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God love you,

Terry Barber and Jesse Romero


Jun 20, 2018

Today’s Topics:


1) Gospel - Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18 - Don’t brag and be a showboat when you perform corporal and spiritual works of mercy


2) Venerable Sheen - Why don’t the young get anything out of Holy Mass


3) AZ Bishop: Punish enforcers of US immigration policy


4) Mike Huckabee: Where’s the Outrage Over Permanently Separating Families in Abortions?


5) Viral post purports to show the difference between Obama and Trump’s immigration policies


6)Ted Cruz Introduces Emergency Legislation to End Family Separation – It Looks Solid


7) It's not about child/parent separation, but child abuse, smuggling and possibly sex trafficking by parents handing their children to "human smugglers" and drug cartels


8) Media lies about Trump