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This is a collection of all four shows from before September 2018.  We have since produced a podcast for each show.  Thanks for listening!

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May 17, 2018

Today's Topics:


1] Gospel John 17:20-26 Jesus continues and gives us the climax of his High Priestly prayer


2] Are you ready to hear from the smartest guy in the room?Venerable Sheen – Jesus was like us in all things but sin


3] Mark Wahlberg, actor and Wife celebrate their daughter’s First Holy Communion on Instagram


4] Transgender Prisoners - The Trump administration reversed a 2012 Obama administration order that allowed transgender inmate to choose where they are housed based on what sex with which they identify. The Trump administration guidelines stipulate that prisoners be housed in prisons based on their biological sex


5] Jesuit Patrick Conroy: He is the pro-homosexual Catholic dissenter and is the chaplain in the US House of Representatives!