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This is a collection of all four shows from before September 2018.  We have since produced a podcast for each show.  Thanks for listening!

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May 10, 2018

Today's Topics:


1] John 16:16-20 Jesus departure and coming of the Holy Spirit


2] Venerable Sheen – America – Freedom is not something which we born into; it is something we achieve. America did not receive a perpetual endowment of freedom; it has had to struggle and fight to preserve it. Freedom is not an heirloom or an antique; it is a life that must fight against corrosive powers of death and nourish itself on the daily bread of goodness and virtue. Americas greatest enemy is not from without, but from within, and that enemy is hate: hatred of races, peoples, classes and religions. If America ever dies, it will not be through conquest but suicide.”
3] The Ascension:  Catechism of the Catholic Church 659, 665
4] Cardinal Dolan sells out Catholic beauty at Met Gala