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We have enjoyed serving you for the last several years.  Thank you all for visiting us.  Changes are coming for the show and the podcasts. 

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God love you,

Terry Barber and Jesse Romero


Jun 7, 2018

Today's Topics:


1) Gospel Mark 12:28-34 The Jewish Creed (the Shema)


2) Venerable Sheen – If Islam is a heresy, as Hilaire Belloc believes it to be, it is the only heresy that has never declined. Others have had a moment of vigor, then gone into doctrinal decay at the death of the leader, and finally evaporated in a vague social movement. Islam on the contrary, has only had its first phase. There was never a time in which it declined, either in numbers, or in the devotion of its followers (Quotable Sheen p.145). Why because its fueled by Satan.


3) Does this bring a smile to your face? May's monthly jobs report was outstanding


4) Does this bring joy to your heart? The federal government cut 3,000 jobs in May. When government gets to big & overbearing, the Catholic Church always gets persecuted


5) We must not be punished for criticizing Islam


6) Islam: A giant step backwards for humanity


7) Father Ragheed Ganni’s Cause for Canonization Officially Opened. The Iraqi Priest martyred by Islamists in Mosul in 2007 remains an inspiration for many Christian victims of persecution and those defending them