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Welcome to the NEW Terry and Jesse Show podcast webpage. 

We have enjoyed serving you for the last several years.  Thank you all for visiting us.  Changes are coming for the show and the podcasts. 

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God love you,

Terry Barber and Jesse Romero


Apr 19, 2018

Today's Topics:


1] Gospel John 6:44-51 Wow, first time Jesus says we must eat his body to be saved!

2] Venerable Fulton Sheen - A new birth


3] Exorcism course to study link between pornography and demonic influence
4] An Exorcist and a Journalist Explore Eastern Meditation and...

Apr 18, 2018

Today's Topics:


1] John 6:35-40 Do you want to be raised from the grave? Listen up…


2] Venerable Sheen - Holy Communion


3] Why California can’t be a sanctuary state


4] L.A. County’s latest homeless initiative a failure in charity


5] Two Trans Bills Escalate California's Preference for Feelings Over...

Apr 17, 2018

Today's Topics:


1] John 6:30-35 Jesus continues with his Eucharistic discourse

2] Venerable Sheen – Suffering and joy

3] Interview with Luis Montanez

Apr 16, 2018

Today's Topics:


1] Gospel John 6:22-29


2] Venerable Sheen – a summary of our life 


3] St. John Paul II prophesied Priests would suffer for opposing remarriage


4] 10 bishops now withholding funds from Catholic charity over pro-abortion partners


5] Francis Effect? Gallup offers sobering Pope Francis era...

Apr 13, 2018

Today's Topics:

 1] John 6:1-15 Jesus preparing people for the greatest ongoing miracle – the Holy Eucharist                                                                                                               

2] Venerable Sheen - Superstar or Super Scar?


3] Why are young people killing themselves?